Children Act 2001

The main legislation covering children and the criminal justice system is the Children Act 2001. This Act focuses on preventing criminal behaviour, diversion from the criminal justice system and rehabilitation. The use of detention for a child is to be a last resort; the Act requires that all avenues be explored before it is used.
The main principles of the Children Act are:

Age of Criminal Responsibility

On 16 October 2006, under the Children Act 2001, the age of criminal responsibility was effectively raised from 7 to 12 years. Under the new provisions, no child under the age of 12 years can be charged with an offence. An exception is made for 10 and 11 year-olds charged with very serious offences, such as unlawful killing, a rape offence or aggravated sexual assault. In addition, the Director of Public Prosecutions must give consent for any child under the age of 14 years to be charged.

The Children Court

This is a special Court for children who are in trouble with the law and who are being charged with a crime. The Judge listens to both sides about what happened and decides what happens next.  The Children Court is held in the courtrooms where ordinary sittings of the District Court are held, except in Dublin which has a dedicated Children Court. The sittings are held at different times to those for adults who have to come to the District Court. The Children Court gives special attention to helping children understand what is going on. If the parents or guardian cannot afford to pay a solicitor, the Court can offer legal aid for the childdren Detention School.

Children Detention School

Children Detention Schools are designated as remand centres for children. Oberstown is designated as  a remand centres for boys and girls under 18 years of age. Statutory Instrument 274/2016, signed by the Minister for Children and Youth Affairs, Katherine Zappone, T.D., provides the legal basis for this designation. The Statutory Instrument and Certificate outlining maximum numbers, sex and ages of children that can be detained is viewable here:

Criminal Justice (Forensic Evidence and DNA Database System) Act 2014

Children Detention Schools/Irish Youth Justice Service Code of Practice in accordance with section 157(5) of the Criminal Justice (Forensic Evidence and DNA Database System) Act 2014.