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27/03/2018Garda Youth Diversion Projects Operational Requirements - PDF - 410kb
14/02/2018Annual Report of the Monitoring Committee 2016 (Gaeilge)
14/02/2018Annual Report of the Monitoring Committee 2016 (English)
26/01/2018Code of practice section 157(5) for DJE NEW
12/12/2017YJAP Progress Report 2016
01/06/2017GYDP Operational Requirements issued on 01.06.2017
29/05/2017GYDP Operational Requirements issued on 20.04.2017
03/05/2017GYDP Operational Requirements
08/03/2017'Tackling Youth Crime': Youth Justice Action Plan 2014 - 2018, Progress Report 2014 / 2015
08/03/2017Youth Justice Action Plan 2014 - 2018
07/03/2017Applications from Community Based Organisations interested in providing a Garda Youth Diversion Project service in County
17/02/2017Annual Report of the Monitoring Committee 2015 (Irish)
17/02/2017Annual Report of the Monitoring Committee 2015 (English)
14/12/2016Minister for Children and Youth Affairs Dr. Katherine Zappone and Minister of State at the Department of Justice and Equality David Stanton jointly publish Progress Report on the Youth Justice Action Plan 2014-2018
13/12/20162014-2015 YJAP Progress Report
07/09/2016Annual Report of the Monitoring Committee 2014 (Gaeilge)
07/09/2016Annual Report of the Monitoring Committee 2014 (English)
19/08/2016Annual Report of the Monitoring Committee 2013 (English)
19/08/2016Annual Report of the Monitoring committee 2013 (Gaeilge)
19/08/2016Annual Report of the Monitoring committee 2013 (Gaeilge)
10/06/2016160527 Remand Centre Order Final
10/06/2016160527 Amalgamation Order Final
10/06/2016160609 S195 and 196 Cert Oberstown
10/06/2016PR Board of Management 2016
07/06/2016Separation Policy 2016
09/02/2016Code of Practice
10/12/2015ESIF 2014 - 2020
10/12/2015EU-ESF logo2014-2020
30/11/2015ESF Flag Logo
30/11/2015ESF flag logo
24/11/2015Oberstown Children's Detention School Vacancies
11/09/2015Annual Report of the Monitoring Committee 2013 (Gaeilge)
11/09/2015Annual Report of the Monitoring Committee 2013 (English)
17/08/2015New GYDP Expressions of Interest Form
17/08/2015Justice Youth Diversion Projects
26/05/2015Dormant Account funding for social inclusion measures
15/05/2015Minister Fitzgerald launches Kerry GYDP Model
15/05/2015GYDP Press release re new locations
13/04/2015PAS IYJS Advertisement 13042015
13/04/2015PAS IYJS Advertisement 13042015
13/04/2015PAS IYJS Advertisement 13042015
13/04/2015PAS IYJS Advertisement 13042015
13/04/2015PAS IYJS Advertisement 13042015
31/03/2015Trinity House School Certificate 2015
31/03/2015Oberstown Boys School Certificate
30/03/2015SI 94 of 2015 Children Act 2001 (Section 160 Designation) Order 2015 B31164
30/03/2015SI No 95 Children Act 2001 (Designation of Remand Centres)(Amendment) Order 2015 B31163
11/11/2014Residential Social Care Workers Posts November 2014
25/09/2014Strategy Statement call for submissions
17/09/2014Certificate OBS 2014
17/09/2014Certificate OGS 2014
03/02/2014Youth Justice Action Plan
03/02/2014YJ Action Plan Press Release
06/01/2014View Press Release
06/01/2014Annual Report of the Monitoring Committee 2012 (Gaeilge)
06/01/2014Annual Report of the Monitoring Committee 2012 (English)
13/11/2013Minister Shatter publishes Annual Report
22/10/2013Five Nations 2012
24/09/2013Social Worker Role Jul 2013
24/09/2013Complaints Procedure July 2013
24/09/2013Safeguarding Policy Sep 2013
12/06/2013Revised Notifiable Incidents
12/06/2013Drugs Policy
28/05/2013Reporting Child Protection
29/04/2013Plenary Slides Fiona Dyer
29/04/2013Steering group members.pdf
29/04/2013Speaker Biographies.pdf
29/04/2013Delegate list
29/04/2013Conference Programme
29/04/2013Mary Brannigan
29/04/2013‘The Up4it Programme’
29/04/2013Sue Redmond
29/04/2013Claire McDermott
29/04/20137. Workshop information
29/04/2013Sean Redmond
29/04/2013Karin Phillips
25/04/20132. Dr. Tim Bateman
25/04/20131. Plenary Slides - John Drew
23/04/2013CDS Staff Events 2012
22/04/20135 nations 2012
04/03/2013Education Strategy
12/02/2013Behaviour Mgt
12/02/2013B Mgt Update Feb13
12/02/2013Garda Vetting Updated
12/02/2013Behaviour Mgt Policy Updated
31/01/2013Six Monthly Performance Report Template
21/01/20132013 Six Monthly Performance Report Template
21/01/20132013 Quarterly Financial Return Template
21/01/20132013 Annual Plan Explanatory Notes
21/01/20132013 Annual Plan Template
21/01/20132012 Annual Report
21/01/20132011 Diversion Programme Report (Irish)
21/01/20132011 Diversion Programme Report (English)
14/01/2013Progress Report on GYDP Development 2009 - 2011
20/11/2012Report NYJS 2008-2010
20/11/2012NYJS 2008 - 2010
10/10/2012Protocol HSE SWs and CDS
21/09/2012Detention School Policies - Role of Social Worker in Child Protection Procedures
21/09/2012Detention School Policies - Role of Social Worker in Child Protection Procedures
13/09/2012Guidelines for Recognising Poor Practice
13/09/2012Separation Policy for Children Detention Schools
30/08/2012Certificate OGS 2012
27/08/2012Certificate - Oberstown Boys School
27/08/2012Certificate Trinity House School 2012
23/08/2012SI-Remands to Children Detention Schools
17/08/2012GYDP Funding Agreement Template
24/07/2012Detention Schools - Supervision Policy
24/07/2012Detention Schools - Reporting Child Protection Concerns
24/07/2012Detention Schools - Garda Vetting Policies and Procedures
24/07/2012Detention Schools - Guidelines for Good Practice
24/07/2012Detention Schools - Safeguarding Policy
24/07/2012Detention Schools Notifiable Incidents Policy
24/07/2012Detention Schools Behaviour Management Policy
24/07/2012Detention Schools Medication Policy
24/07/2012Detention School Complaints Procedure
24/07/2012Supervision Policy
24/07/2012Childrens Ombudsman's remit to include St. Patrick's Institution
24/07/2012Public Consultation on improving the lives of children & young people
24/07/2012ESF Procedure Manual for GYDPs - 6th Edition
24/07/2012CPU Annual Report 2011 DOC
24/07/2012CPU SMPR Temp
24/07/2012CPU SMPR Ex Notes
24/07/2012CPU GYDP Op Req
24/07/2012CPU ESF Procedures
24/07/2012CPU Quarterly Fin Rpt
24/07/2012CPU Annual Plan Temp
24/07/2012CPU Ex Notes Annual Plan
24/07/2012CPU 2011 Annual Report Temp
24/07/2012Standards and Criteria for CDS
24/07/2012Youth Justice Review
24/07/2012PR 2010 Diversion Report
24/07/2012Working in partnership with communities to reduce youth offending - IYJS & YPP
24/07/2012GYDPYPP list Nov 2011
24/07/2012QPR Template - Nov 2011
24/07/2012QPR Explanatory Notes - Q3 2011
24/07/2012GYDP Operational Requirements
24/07/2012Diversion Programme Annual Report 2010 - Gaeilge
24/07/2012Diversion Programme Annual Report 2010 (Eng)
24/07/2012Irish Youth Justice Service, Annual Report for 2010
24/07/2012A baseline report of community based projects supported by Young Persons Probation and the Irish Youth Justice Service
24/07/2012Public Appointments Service Review of existing structures
24/07/2012Diversion Programme Annual Report 2010 Gaeilge
24/07/2012Press Release on 2010 Diversion Report
24/07/20122010 Report on Diversion Programme
24/07/2012Report on Diversion Programme 2010
24/07/20125 Nations Conference Report
24/07/2012Conference Report of the 5 Nations Biennial Conference on Children, Young People and Crime 2010
24/07/2012Record Management Policy IYJS
24/07/2012Information leaflet - Obtaining, Using and Sharing Personal Data in the Youth Justice Sector
24/07/2012Data Protection (Personal Data) Guide for the Youth Justice Sector
24/07/2012ESF Presentation to GYDPs
24/07/2012Diversion Report 2009 (Gaeilge)
24/07/2012Diversion 2009 (English)
24/07/2012IYJS Annual Report 2009
24/07/2012Diversion Programme Annual Report 2009
24/07/2012Sample Diversion Programme Annual Report 2009
24/07/2012IYJS News - Issue 5 (Summer 2010)
24/07/2012Planning Notice National Facilities
24/07/2012IYJS Conference Report 2010
24/07/2012Presentation to the EU Monitoring Committee
24/07/2012Sean and Colette script
24/07/2012White Paper on Crime script
24/07/2012Form 4A Guidance Document
24/07/2012ESF Procedures Manual, Second Edition (March 2010)
24/07/2012Danes part 3 audio
24/07/2012Danes part 2 audio
24/07/2012Danes part 1 audio
24/07/2012Alice Chapman audio
24/07/2012Colette Quinn audio
24/07/2012Sean Redmond audio
24/07/2012Mark Finnis audio
24/07/2012Estelle MacDonald audio
24/07/2012Secretary General audio
24/07/2012Ruairi Gogan audio
24/07/2012Recidivism audio
24/07/2012Probation audio
24/07/2012Case management audio
24/07/2012Risk audio
24/07/2012Detention audio
24/07/2012White Paper audio
24/07/2012Michelle Shannon audio
24/07/2012Minister Andrews audio
24/07/2012Crime prevention in Scandinavia script
24/07/2012MS Conference script
24/07/2012IYJS News - Issue 4 (Spring 2010)
24/07/2012Chief Supt Patrick Leahy presentation
24/07/2012Ms Nicola Hughes presentation
24/07/2012Mr Sean Redmond and Supt Colette Quinn
24/07/2012Mr Doncha O'Sullivan presentation
24/07/2012Mr Ruairí Gogan presentation
24/07/2012Ms Estelle MacDonald and Mr Mark Finnis
24/07/2012Mr Tony O'Donovan presentation
24/07/2012Ms Alice Chapman presentation
24/07/2012Dr Lars Rand Jensen and Mr Henrik Andersen presentation
24/07/2012Ms Mary Moore presentation
24/07/2012Ms Siobhán Young presentation
24/07/2012Ms Michelle Shannon presentation
24/07/2012Tuarascáil Bhliantúil an Choiste a ceapadh le Faireachán a dhéanamh ar éifeacht an Chláir Athstiúrtha 2008
24/07/2012Annual Report of the Committee appointed to Monitor the Effectiveness of the Diversion Programme 2008
24/07/2012IYJS Conference 2010 Programme
24/07/2012IYJS News, Issue 3
24/07/2012Literature Review: Risk Assessment
24/07/2012Finglas Report
24/07/2012GYDP Baseline Executive Summary
24/07/2012GYDP Baseline Analysis
24/07/2012Annual Report 2008
24/07/2012Diversion 2006 cover
24/07/2012Alice Chapman Workshop
24/07/2012Mary Geaney Workshop
24/07/2012John Fitzgerald, IYJS Conference
24/07/2012National Children Detention Service Development Events Report
24/07/2012Google verfication page
24/07/2012National Children Detention Service Development Events
24/07/2012Diversion 2007 Eng
24/07/2012Dermot Stokes Workshop
24/07/2012Mary Geaney, IYJS Conference
24/07/2012Diversion 2007 cover
24/07/2012National Youth Justice Strategy 2008-2010
24/07/2012Sylda Langford, IYJS Conference
24/07/2012Dermot Walsh, IYJS Conference
24/07/2012Diversion 2006 Eng
24/07/2012Diversion 2007 Gaeilge
24/07/2012Procedures Manual ESF 2007-2013
24/07/2012Tim and Sean Workshop
24/07/2012Finbarr O Leary Workshop
24/07/2012Andy Tuite Workshop
24/07/2012Rosemary Fox Workshop
24/07/2012Paul Ekblom, IYJS Conference
24/07/2012Ursula Kilkelly Workshop
24/07/2012ESF flag logo
24/07/2012IJYS News Issue 2
24/07/2012National Youth Justice Strategy
24/07/2012Diversion 2006 Gaeilge
24/07/2012Project Guidelines
24/07/2012Report on Standards Working Group
24/07/2012Harp logo
24/07/2012Integrated Model of Detention Presentation
24/07/2012Michelle Shannon, IYJS Conference
24/07/2012Liz Canavan Workshop
24/07/2012Monitoring Committee 2004
24/07/2012Newsletter Issue 1
24/07/2012Report of the Monitoring Committee 2005 (Gaeilge)
24/07/2012IYJS Conference brochure
24/07/2012Summer 2007
24/07/2012Annual Report of Monitoring Committee 2005
24/07/2012December 2007
24/07/2012Expert Group Report
24/07/2012Bob Ashford, IYJS Conference
24/07/2012David OMahony, IYJS Conference
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