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Young Persons' Probation

Young Persons’ Probation (YPP) is a specialised division of the Probation Service with dedicated resources to work with children aged 12 to 18 who come before the courts. It was established to implement the sections of the  Children Act 2001 relating to young persons probation. The Irish Youth Justice Service (IYJS), which works closely with YPP on the implementation of the relevant sections of the Children Act, funds the work of YPP projects.  YPP currently has 17 community based organisations delivering services on its behalf.

YPP aims to promote the use of community based sanctions and restorative justice in order to reduce re-offending and deals with approximately 600 young offenders nationwide. The work of the YPP involves:

- preparing pre-sanction assessments for the courts
- supervising offenders in the community who are referred by the court
- supervising offenders released conditionally from custody
- providing a counselling service to offenders and their families.

Young Persons’ Probation is now located nationally (Dublin, Cork, Waterford, Limerick, Sligo and Drogheda) with YPP teams of officers managed by Senior Probation Officers in the community. This enables it to provide services to any designated or scheduled Children Courts’ sittings with dedicated Court Liaison Officers in Dublin, Cork and Limerick Courts. It is also based in St. Patrick’s Institution, providing "inreach services" to the Children Detention Schools.

YPP is a multi-agency approach to addressing young offenders. FAS and local VECs work in conjunction with some of the YPP projects to offer training and education. Counselling and other support services are also offered. Residential projects are now being phased out and it is intended to engage external service providers, through a tender process, to offer this service in a new format. The 13 community based projects are all limited companies, run by independent boards of management which deal with staffing matters. To see a list of the location of YPP Projects please click here.


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